Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Old Ladders as Shelving

When you open your mind to the world of creativity available to you in interior design the concepts you can come up with knows no bounds!

A simple, exciting and chic way to create more storage space in your home while creating a unique decorating feature is to incorporate a ladder! You do not need to hold a degree in interior design to do this, all you need is to open up that part of you that is waiting to spill out creativity, we all have this ability inside of us!

So you need a new way to get storage or shelf space that is cheap?? There are many ways in which you can do this, let's have a look!

Firstly we have a simple wooden step ladder with a few planks of wood used to create an all purpose shelf of a shabby chic nature. This is what re-purposing and recycling is all about! With a few simple things you can create something so chic and wonderful!

 Ladders used to create a bookshelf of pure art, this looks like an installation that would not be out of place in any museum of modern art!
 So simple yet so cool! Great shelving ideas incorporating cheap aluminum ladders and a few planks of wood. Beautiful touch with the guitars on the wall! This would be great in any boys room young or older!
 Paint the ladder and planks of wood in green or any other color to suit your room and mood for this country home effect.

An old ladder used to create this vintage looking bookshelf which will undoubtedly become the main feature of the room. Perfect for a home studio.

A gorgeous idea to use an old wooden ladder as a kitchen piece! hang it from your ceiling with old kitchen implements to create that sense of Je ne sais quoi!

 Muted, vintage and chic!
 A ladder with baskets for a true eclectic, vintage vibe.

Simply place an old ladder with  a vintage vibe next to your favourite armchair and place your books on it's steps!
And ere is a more modern version of the same idea above!
An old rustic ladder with a sweet little chandelier hanging off it can be the new art installation in your own home!